Emotional disasters – how do I cope?

Emotional disasters – how do I cope?

Emotional pain is one of the hardest things to deal with.  Humans don’t like feeling vulnerable, fear, hurt or sadness.  Sometimes emotional pain doesn’t shift nearly as quickly as some physical pains or ailments, like a broken bone or hitting your thumb with a hammer.  When it comes to emotional pain, we tend not to let go easily.

emotional disasterThis is usually because of our vulnerability, or our stubborn ego and pride, our need to be right or validated.  Sometimes we are not aware of the cause of the emotional pains that we carry.  But these can have long term effects. Chronic disease states can be a result of ‘’not letting go’’.  You know the ones – the ones that usually last for years…. And years…..  These chronic disease states tend to have an unresolved emotional component behind them.  Look back at when they started – was it after a trauma of some kind? Big or small.?  Sometimes these physical ailments act as a coping mechanism so you have to deal with the emotional pain and it presents as a continual constant reminder or so you don’t have to deal with emotional pain (avoidance!)

So how do we cope in times of emotional strain or trauma?

How do we get back to our old self?

Do we ignore the emotional pain and hope it goes away or hope it will sort itself out?
Do we throw everything we have into it (victim mentality) and make it the focus of our attention until we get to the bottom of it?

Ultimately, the answer to releasing emotional pain is: it depends on what the trauma was, and this will depend of the person and who they are.

What is trauma for one person, may be a walk in the park for another, it may not even affect them, at all.  When we have a major life trauma – bad news, family split, or the passing of a loved one, it is hard to “get our old self back” as we are now different.  There will be a part of us missing.  You can never go back to how it was before because before is gone.

So what is the answer?

Are we all doomed to walk around this earth with pieces of ourselves missing, living in grief?
Is there a way we can become whole again?

No matter the trauma – big or small, the answer is to find your ground, not someone else’s.  Your centre of balance, your place of safety and security again.  Then slowly, slowly you will start to regain you. It could be a new better version of you that is emerging. This is all about YOU and not somebody’s else’s experiences or expectations.

Ask yourself this question: What are your values, morals, beliefs, actions, reactions.  These are the important factors to rediscovering who you are and allowing you to release the trauma.
Emotional repair
For many this can be an easy process. For others it tends to be challenging and confronting. But either way there is help at hand.

If this is something you feel that you need help with.
Finding you, your centre, your balance.
Call the clinic on 5445 8777 to make an appointment to see Sharyn so she can assist you in a gentle and caring way to discover the new emerging improved version of you.