BioEnergetic Sensitivity Enzyme Therapy, a computerised electro dermal testing therapy used to assess specific areas of the body and their current function. This technique easily and accurately finds areas of dysfunction and disharmony within the body.


Methylation is a vital metabolic process that happens in every cell and every organ of the human body,  We need this function in the human body to exist.  Without adequate methylation we are unable to repair DNA, fight infections, detoxify, and turn genes on and off.


Kinesiology is a non-invasive method, using precision muscle feedback and body awareness that can help you to reduce stress and pain, improve performance at school, work and home, in sports, in relationships, and promotes health and wellbeing.

Meet Sharyn

Sharyn compassionately deals with clients needing help with all kinds of health issues. From nutritional and methylation issues, food sensitivities, dysbiosis, fatigue, behavioural problems, emotional well being to physical pain.

For people who are looking for answers to their current health issues and are not getting any answers from western or conventional medicine, Sharyn specializes in getting to the underlying issues for her clients.

Sharyn provides clinical testing, emotional support, tools and strategies to help reclaim health.

Sharyn helps find the answers and gives you an individual blueprint to follow so you can achieve wellness.