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Enzyme therapy at work

Mary a 45 year old flight attendant had experienced severe fatigue for years. As she coped with the stress of a bitter divorce, her symptoms grew worse. Even though international flights had become unbearable for her, she was the sole provider for herself and her two children, and she couldn’t take time off work. She found herself subsisting on six cups of coffee a day, along with fistfuls of supplements. Eventually they didn’t seem to help.

Then one day Mary fell asleep behind the wheel of her car. The incident made her realise that her constant fatigue could have serious consequences, not just for herself but also for her children. That’s when she came to the BioSET clinic on the advice of an acquaintance. She brought along her daughter hoping she could be evaluated as well. Coping with the stress of her parents’ divorce may have contributed to her chronic sore throats and swollen lymph nodes.

Through a complete examination I determined that Mary was carbohydrate intolerant and had an array of sensitivities to foods including fruits and grains. She also showed signs of liver, kidney and lymph dysfunction. Based on these findings I advised Mary to begin taking a carbohydrate digestive enzyme along with enzyme formulas for liver detoxification and adrenal support. We also began BioSET treatments to desensitise her to problem foods. Mary responded remarkably quickly. Only two weeks into her treatments she noticed an increase in her energy level. She began exercising, reading and scheduling more fun time with her children. Even her appearance changed. She bought new clothes and got a more stylish haircut.

One month later Mary told me “Dr Ellen, my fatigue is gone and I feel healthier than ever. I can’t thank you enough” Her smile was brilliant and grateful.

As for Mary’s daughter, she tested positive for sugar sensitivity. Once she began taking a carbohydrate digestive enzyme her sensitivity cleared, as did her sore throats and swollen glands.

This is an extract taken from the book written by Dr Ellen Cutler

Micro miracles – Discover the healing power of Enzymes – Page 130