Perfect Health Newsletter July 2011

July Words of Wisdom

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July Focus – beating and staying ahead of the winter blues.

  • The common cold
  • Homeopathic remedies often respond well for cold symptoms
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Ki Immune Defense & Vitality Formula
  • BioSET – Lymph Immune – Nose and Throat
  • Enzyme therapy at work-  Food sensitivities, you can overcome them.


BioSET Enzyme Therapy at work

This is a great read. Not everybody has an instant result, but results do come even for those with seemingly impossible situations and health challenges.

“Eating is essential to our survival, but if we can’t digest what we eat, we don’t get the nutrients we need. This weakens our defences against pathogens and pollutants that would wreak havoc on our bodies and accelerate aging”

“Carries story began in 1999, when the stress of a personal tragedy set the stage for severe fatigue and depression as well as multiple chemical and environmental sensitivities. By the time she called the BioSET clinic to schedule a consultation, she was no longer working. In fact, she could barely leave her home.”   More….

The common cold

The symptoms you experience as a cold are actually the body’s natural immune response. In fact, by the time you feel like you’re coming down with a cold, you’ve likely already been infected for a day and a half.

Cold symptoms usually last for about 7 – 10 days but some symptoms can persevere for longer. We can use different types of cold preparations to help us through the symptoms, but colds cannot be cured only treated More….

Homeopathic remedies often respond well for cough and cold symptoms

If you have the beginning – middle – or end of  a cough or cold there is help at hand. You will find information on the various remedies available for different types of symptoms.

If you just want something in the cupboard  we can supply a cough and cold remedy that can be used for acute situations. Of course if symptoms persist then a more appropriate remedy could be needed, or your doctor may need to be consulted. More….

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is said to work by killing invading microbes by dissolving an enzyme that metabolises oxygen of primitive organisms. The cell can’t breath, suffocates and dies, usually within 6 minutes. That is why it is effective on all types of germs, including antibiotic resistant ones. Colloidal silver is a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that transfers oxygen thru’ the cell wall, but does not itself react chemically within the body.

Colloidal silver is a powerful, natural substance More….

Ki Immune Defense & Vitality Formula

Ki Immune Defence and Vitality Formula is formulated to enhance the immune system and at the same time boost the body’s energy reserves. The plant extracts help increase the number of white blood cells and enhances the activity of the body’s natural killer cells to help promote a healthy immune system. More….

BioSET – Lymph Immune – Nose and Throat

BioSET Lymph Immune

100% vegetarian, hypoallergenic supplement along with a botanical extract blend to support the immune system & the elimination of toxins through the lymphatic system. Used to support the immune system and the elimination of toxins through the
lymphatic system, good for weakened immune systems and helps prevent colds and flu.

Supports lymph drainage which can be indicative to fatigue, toxic accumulation, inflammation and poor immune system. Take during the cold and flu season, also suggested to take with Nose and Throat.

Contains Burdock root, astragulus root, maitake mushroom & reishi mushroom.

BioSET Nose and Throat

Is a 100% vegetarian, hypoallergenic supplement with synergistic herbs and nutrients to support nasal, sinus and throat tissue. Helps to control chronic allergies/hay fever, sinusitis, viral and bacterial infections & bronchitis. Used in conjunction with Lymph Immune, it is a natural antibiotic.

Contains Elderflower extract, garlic bulb concentrate, wild indigo root extract, Quercetin & grape seed extract.

BioSET and Enzyme Therapy – more information here

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