Part 1 – The Start – The Why

Perfect Health Body & Mind

Not just a Slogan but a Story – A life story – it could be yours.

The following is an editorial written following the journey Sharyn took, from beginning to the realisation that other people could be helped, those who also could not find answers.

Like any mother, when Sharyn Perfect discovered she was having her first child, she was excited and happy. And like every mother, all she wanted was a healthy child. But by the time her lovely little son was about 18 months old, Sharyn had become very aware that all was not right. She watched helplessly as her little boy suffered diarrhoea, stomach cramps, and mood changes. After innumerable visits to doctors and specialists with every diagnosis from Celiac disease to ADHD, Sharyn began to do her own research. She went looking for answers. “I’ve been where you are right now” is Sharyn’s heartfelt decree.

A healthy body comes from within, is all well in your world?

It was a Kinesiologist who provided the first glimmer of hope by carrying out food sensitivity testing, resulting in the discovery that her son had sensitivities to wheat, dairy products, corn and preservatives – all those nasty codes found listed on packaged foods. Sharyn says – “On that first visit I felt as if I had stepped into the unknown and was in foreign territory. Food sensitivities? Energy fields? Circuits? I was sceptical to say the least. But I was desperate enough to give it a try. I decided to eliminate from my son’s diet all those foods to which I was told he was sensitive. It worked. In as little as four days there was a change – a huge change. I was stunned. I couldn’t express the enormity of that change. And it changed our lives.”

So began Sharyn’s journey into that foreign world – a world of food sensitivities, related behavioural problems and the ongoing search for effective remedies for those problems. Years of research, dozens of books, repeated visits to practitioners of alternative therapies, and the overwhelming feeling of losing control over her own life and her family’s health, ultimately brought Sharyn to a decision. If she had a child and family in need of answers, how many other families were out there with similar needs for answers? A desire to help not only herself, but others was birthed in Sharyn through her experiences.

Kinesiology. Does it have all the answers? It certainly had enough to cause Sharyn to enrol in a course and pursue two and a half years of study to equip herself to help others.

At age 32, this happily married mother of two sons is a qualified Kinesiologist operating a Clinic attached to her home at 48 Orana Avenue Pomona. What would bring the average resident of the Sunshine Coast to the doors of Sharyn’s clinic? “There are so many people still looking for answers after going the rounds and never having the real problem identified, or the correct solution presented” says Sharyn. “Because … the problem is never the real problem”.

Daily, Sharyn compassionately deals with clients needing help with health issues, nutritional issues, behavioural problems, emotional and physical pain. Sharyn provides counselling to help her clients identify their source of pain, offering to them proven methods which can be taken, implemented and used to help themselves.

Among the services Sharyn offers are food sensitivity testing, massage, raising the body’s energy, behavioural management and advice on diet and nutrition. Healthy living workshops and and community classes are offered to those who have a desire to help themselves and bring about change in the everyday difficulties we all face.

A healthy body comes from within – is all well in your world?