Massage and trigger point therapy

Perfect Health offers the choice between a gentle and relaxing Swedish massage or Swedish massage combined with trigger point therapy.

What is a trigger point?

Many people experience pain on a daily basis.

Did you know that this could be easily relieved by a simple technique known as Trigger Point Massage? A trigger point is a taut tight spot in the fascia of the muscle that is painful to touch, and refers pain to other areas of the body. Trigger points can form in muscles that have been over used or injured.

They can cause increased muscle tension and muscle shortening giving the person a reduced range of motion and an increased level of pain.

Trigger points are easily released by applying pressure to the trigger area for about 10 – 20 seconds, then released and applied again if needed. Trigger Point Massage is not a “fluff and buff” technique. It is extremely therapeutic and beneficial to relieve all types of muscle pain. Releasing trigger points release endorphins so the result is removal of some / all discomfort as well as being energized. It is common to find improvement and relief after one treatment.


Do your body a favour, feel great and be free from pain.