November 2015 – Paleo, SIBO, Fodmaps, GAPS – what are they?

Hi Everyone

Today we tackle all the new eating plans that you may be hearing about. We commonly hear things advertised for IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and many of us may consider this is what is wrong. The problem being that this is often the symptom of what is happening internally.

As you know, Sharyn will get to the root of the problem and begin the fix there.

So,  Paleo, SIBO, Fodmaps, Gaps……. What does it all mean?

Click here to find out more, we guarantee that you will know someone that suffers from a digestive or gut issue that needs attention. Getting that attention could mean the difference between quality of life or a life of dis-ease.

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We look forward to helping those who wish to make their life journey a pleasant experience.

 A healthy body comes from within – is all well in your world?