Mould? What mould……I cant see any mould.

There are good moulds and bad moulds.  Moulds that are beneficial and moulds that are toxic to our body.  Did you know that mould can be an underlying cause to many health issues?

Some people are allergic or sensitive to mould. The most common symptoms of mould exposure are cough, congestion, runny nose or trouble breathing. Mould can also worsen asthma symptoms or other allergies.  Just because you can’t see mould, doesn’t mean that you don’t have it around you.

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It doesn’t matter what is causing you to feel less than average – food, mould, allergies, emotions.

There is help available. Call today, or email, or send a smoke signal. Just make sure you get in touch to arrange a time to come and start living the life you know you should.

Our clinic Perfect Health Body and Mind, offers a variety of alternative health modalities.

These include Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Nutrition and Allergy testing (BioSET) Please go to links to discover more information.

Sharyn uses a holistic approach to look at all aspects of the issue from diet, digestion, detoxification, emotional, allergies/reactivity, physical symptoms and finds the appropriate supplements and homeopathic remedies to heal. Whatever the concern, Sharyn is able to find an answer. The answer found may be ‘outside the box’, but it will reveal the core reason of the concern.

We look forward to hearing from you.