May 2014 – Finding it hard to cope? Why is that?


Finding it hard to cope?  Why is that?? There is a world of difference between having a bad day and suffering full-blown depression.  Older people tend to suffer more incidences of depression due to poor nutrition, the loss of a loved one, feelings of no longer being useful and so on.  And persistent mild depression at any age lowers immunity and the ability to fight off disease. Food you can eat that help and other ‘Helpful Hints’   Read more 

BioSET Enzyme Therapy

BioSET (BioEnergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy) is a program developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler, D.C. of Mill Valley, California over a period of 25 years of study, research, clinical and personal experiences.

The philosophy behind BioSET is that the digestive system governs the immune system.  If a person is eating food that they are intolerant to or have a sensitivity to, this will cause stress on the digestive system which in turn, causes stress and weakens the immune system.  The chain reaction causes the immune system to over react, leading to sensitivities and illness.  By ensuring the complete digestion of foods using the proper BioSET protocol, we can get to the root cause of sensitivities and illness.

BioSET treats each individual according to his or her own unique health challenge.


 Positive affirmations

Affirmations are extremely powerful yet, they are one of the most overlooked techniques for personal growth. This is because most people do not understand how they work. Do yourself a huge favor, learn about the power of affirmations, and how to use them properly. Put these principles to work in your life. If you do, you will see your life change in ways that will pleasantly surprise and delight you.

To make your affirmations powerful


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