January 2014 – A new way of thinking.

New Year – new way of thinking!  Let’s use this New Year to focus on our communication skills.  Do you see things from other people’s perspective? Or do you simply react to what is said or done? Did your feelings get hurt? Did you feel obliged to do something you didn’t want to? Did you feel judged or small?

Before reacting, try stopping and breathing.  Ask yourself why did that affect me?  Usually it is a reaction on both people’s behalf.  When you can see things clearly we tend to react less and we are more likely to be able to deal with the issue at hand, calmly and clearly.

Reaction is simply protection of our self-worth, when we feel judgement and put down from others.  This reaction process is simply a mirror of the things that we don’t like about ourselves.  These are the areas that we need to look at, release and heal.  Things that we need to pull aside and say hey – what is going on here?  Why am I feeling self-conscious in this area?

Life is for Living………. Doing………. Giving………. and receiving not reacting to situations that stop you from reaching your full potential.

Where do these reactions come from you may ask?  Previous situations that you have experienced, maybe child hood, learnt behaviours.

For example you may have a fear of big black dogs and you have no idea why, you just know that when you see one – you kind of freeze for a second.  Maybe when you were two a big black dog came bounding up to you and knocked you over.  Your memory of that incident has faded, however your subconscious remembers.  Big black dog = danger.  The funny thing is, the dog may not have been dangerous, maybe it was just being playful, however your protective mechanism came into full swing and took over to make sure you were safe.  And it has stayed that way ever since.  By reprogramming these old mind states we can create a new way of thinking, release the traumas of the past and move on to a bright future.

If you have anything that is holding you back from reaching your full potential and you would like to kick it to the curb.  Call the clinic and make a time to come and see Sharyn, she can help you to discover a bigger brighter future.

2014 – a new way of thinking…….