Gelatin – The inner healer

Gelatin – the inner healer.

The awesome healing benefits of Gelatin

Gelatin has been used for many different reasons over the years.  As gelatin is a pure collagen, it has been known to increase mobility of the joints, strengthens connective tissue, aids digestion, and assists with the body’s natural detoxification process.

Gelatin is lacking from today’s diets due to the high availability of over processed foods.  Foods that are high in refined sugar and that have no nutritional value at all.  Today you can buy soup packets, soup in a can, cup of soup (just add water) and other varieties of soup. When Grandma used to make soup, she would cook a chicken for dinner, and after eating the meat, she then boiled the carcass with some vegies to make “real” chicken soup. The bone carcass is where the Gelatin goodness came from. Now days processing plants strip the chicken, sell the meat and discard the carcass for pet foods. Essentially pets now eat better than us, getting all the goodness from the bones.

Gelatin is a pure source of protein that contains no sugar, fat or cholesterol. Gelatin is bioavailable to the body – which means it is easily digestible and readily available. By adding (the missing) Gelatin into your diet it helps to balance the amino acid ratio which lowers cortisol and reduces inflammation.

Gelatin is fantastic for digestion, strengthening skin, hair, nails, reducing joint pain and inflammation and increasing collagen production.

Important for

  • Skin elasticity
  • Connective tissue production
  • Bone and joint health
  • Promotion and stimulation of cell growth in joint cartilage
  • Restores mobility of the joints by decreasing inflammation which can reduce the pain of arthritis.

Gelatin is fantastic for the gastro intestinal digestive system. Gelatin assists digestion by naturally binding to water to help food move through the digestive tract more easily. Taking food grade gelatin can assist in reducing food sensitivities by reducing inflammation in the gastro intestinal system.

Gelatin is extracted from bone and is pure collagen. Collagen is essential for supporting the integrity of the skin. It tightens the skin and is anti-aging. It is high in keratin and is fantastic for maintaining skin elasticity, ligaments and connective tissue support.

Gelatin is an excellent source of protein for physically active people who exercise regularly at the gym or with personal trainers. It increases muscle mass and muscle performance. You can substitute gelatin for whey protein powders as it has no fillers, sugars and chemicals and it is much better for you.

Gelatin is a protein sourced from collagen that contains 18 amino acids.  9 of these amino acids are essential to us as humans.  Essential meaning that the body cannot make them itself.  They need to be supplied via the diet.

Gelatin works by increasing the amount of glycine in the body.  Glycine is used to assist the liver in the detoxification process.  Glycine is not an essential amino acid, so that means the body can make its own glycine.  However, giving the body more glycine by taking gelatin or making your own bone broths increases the amount of glycine available and assists the liver in its cleaning duties.

Gelatin is a protein which contains no tryptophan, and only small amounts of cysteine, methionine, and histidine. Using gelatine as a major dietary protein is an easy way to restrict the amino acids that are associated with many of the problems of aging.

In today’s society we mainly eat muscle meats that are high in Tryptophan and cysteine.  Both tryptophan and cysteine inhibit thyroid function and mitochondrial energy production, and have other effects that decrease the ability to withstand stress. Tryptophan is the precursor to serotonin, which causes inflammation, immune-depression, and generally the same changes seen in aging.

We believe everybody can benefit from a dose of Gelatin each day. This can be taken as a food supplement or ading this to some of the foods you already cook and prepare at home, or make your own bone broth that will extract the gelatin then use this in cooking.

It doesn’t matter how you take it – just get some Gelatin into your daily food intake.

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