Food sensitivities – you can overcome them

Food Sensitivities

Enzyme therapy at work

A leading case of premature again is food sensitivities brought about primarily by a decline in digestive function, which impedes the thorough breakdown of foods and absorption of nutrients. Eating is essential to our survival, but if we can’t digest what we eat, we don’t get the nutrients we need. This weakens our defences against pathogens and pollutants that would wreak havoc on our bodies and accelerate aging

To aggravate matter, poor digestion allows food particles to find their way into the blood stream, where they set in motion an immune response. Over time the immune system turns against the body, causing inflammation and other debilitating changes that seriously undermine health. By supporting proper digestion, enzyme therapy helps restore and maintain healthy immune function. In this way, it protects us from the chronic inflammation and illness that not only accelerate aging but also keep us from living to a ripe old age.

Carries story began in 1999, when the stress of a personal tragedy set the stage for severe fatigue and depression as well as multiple chemical and environmental sensitivities. By the time she called the BioSET clinic to schedule a consultation, she was no longer working. In fact, she could barely leave her home.

Carries symptoms were formidable. Besides digestive distress, such as constipation, bowel urgency, and occasional loss of bowel control, she described persistent muscle cramps and twitching, numbness in her arms and legs, headaches, skin rashes, food cravings, and poor sleep. Flare-ups of her allergies caused red, itchy eyes, sneezing, and difficulty breathing. She was also lethargic with slowed thinking and spaciness. Body temperature was also affected as she always felt cold.

Carrie had tried an array of therapies and nutritional supplements. None of these were effective which left her discouraged and desperate. Just about as she was to give up a friend of here advised contact with the clinic.

Because Carrie live in Arizona i suggested that she make arrangements to start near my office so the treatment could be monitored. She came for 2 weeks initially then 1 month later in the year.

Prior to her initial office visit, no one had screened Carrie for sensitivities of any kind. The first day we spent more than 3 hours performing an evaluation for food and environmental sensitivities as well as for enzyme deficiency and toxicity. Carrie turned out to be sensitive to just about everything she ate, but more so vegetables, fruits, nuts and oils. According to the enzyme tests, she could not tolerate carbohydrates, proteins or fats. Yet while her body was starving for nutrients, she was overweight. What’s more, her kidneys, liver, and colon showed signs of toxicity and this helped explain her fatigue, skin problems and constipation.

Based on Carrie’s test results i recommended five enzyme formulas-two for digestion, plus one each for detoxification, adrenal support, and thyroid support- along with a probiotic. We also set up a schedule for BioSET treatments to help clear up her food and environmental sensitivities.

In order to appreciate Carrie’s progress, imagine being barely able to get out of bed and eat, then just a year later driving, shopping, cooking and even taking college courses. That was Carrie’s experience. She still had occasional moments of irritability as well as an occasional rash, but her symptoms were quite mild.

Today Carrie is living proof of the power of enzyme therapy. She lost around 18 kilograms and looks at least 15 years younger. Seldom does a day go by without someone remarking on her fabulous appearance.

This is an extract taken from the book written by Dr Ellen Cutler

Micro miracles – Discover the healing power of enzymes – Page 271