Fatigue – exchange it for energy and life.

Fatigue – I just want to sleep forever……..

Ever get this feeling? Im sure all of us at some stage feel less than average! fatigue tired
And for those of us who experience this on a regular occurrence, you are at risk of your fatigue and tiredness turning into something much more undesirable.

Managing fatigue and getting some zest and direction for regaining life and energy can be difficult.

What is fatigue?

Fatigue, is also referred to as tiredness, exhaustion, and lethargy. It describes a physical and/or mental state of being tired and weak.

How do we get fatigue?

Fatigue can present in two forms.

*Physical stress or mental stress.  Physical stress can result from working too hard physically, Illness or pushing your body pasts its limits.  Overtraining in the sporting world or from excess manual labour.
*Mental stress can from long periods of high or repeated stress. Eg financial pressure, work/performance stress, illness or worry.

Why do we get fatigue?

Fatigue can come from a number of things – such as:

  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Lack of adequate detoxificationfatigue stress
  • Lack of adequate hydration
  • Blocked or sluggish lymphatic system
  • Blocked or sluggish bowel
  • Excess caffeine
  • A diet high in processed foods and refined sugars
  • Food sensitivities
  • Too much screen time before bed time
  • Viral or other illness
  • Not enough quiet time and relaxation in other words STRESS!!!

Im sure there are many more ways each of us can think of that causes ourselves fatigue. Even the pressures of day to day living and working, raising kids and paying the bills can be enough to cause fatigue like symptoms.

Different types of fatigue

As fatigue is present in so many diseases, conditions, states, lifestyles and syndromes, and it may be caused by a vast array of factors which are usually working in combination, diagnosis can be extremely challenging.  Usually your GP will do blood tests to eliminate factors such as viral infections like Ross river, glandular fever, Epstein Barr or things like anaemia (low iron), thyroid or endocrine issues, blood sugar.

What can I do about it?

Nurture yourself!     Love yourself!      Put yourself FIRST!

  • Look at your diet – don’t eat things that take more effort and energy to digest.  Try and focus on eating lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein.  Lots and lots of fresh clean filtered water.  Limit alcohol and coffee.
  • Sleep – go to bed at a reasonable hour.  Reduce caffeine at night, reduce screen time after 9pm
  • Exercise – light exercise like yoga, walking is fantastic for reducing fatigue as fatigue walkingit is light and uplifting it creates energy rather than over burdening an already exhausted system, by doing a full on cardio session.  Now don’t get me wrong people …………. I am not saying that a huge work out sessions full of intense cardio and weights is bad for you……….  I am simply saying that if you are already fatigued, that might not be the best place to start!  Start slow.  Fuel your body with the correct food, gelatin, bone broth, nurture yourself, do some meditation, yoga, stretching, walking.
  • Sit in the sunshine for 10 mins and close your eyes.

All these things will be a great start to reducing your fatigue and getting your zing back.  Even if you have an illness or a virus such as glandular fever.  Get the essentials back in! All of this is great advice, but if you would like some help, assistance, or direction to get you started then please book a time.  When fatigued, even the motivation to start getting better, or choosing the positive pathway can be a challenge.  We are here to help, support and nurture all those who want positive change in their lives.