Emotional Stress Release

Having emotional stress can be debilitating to your life and daily functioning. Having the feeling of constantly being overwhelmed, strained and upset, is common for many. At our clinic we can provide the tools to combat these feelings. Finding the root or cause of this added emotional stress will allow the unfolding of emotions and ill-feelings to be peeled away. Kinesiology is used for this, and you will be amazed at how “clear” and “light” you feel after releasing much of what has been burdening you. The use of Emotional Stress Relief (ESR) technique is both a very simple and very powerful way to help you feel calm, think clearly and function effectively during times of stress, trauma, overload, accident, pressure from work or relationships, etc.

In times of stress we may react with a ”fight or flight“ or paralysis response. These are usually instinctive or learned behaviors which at some point were effective, but which may not be the most appropriate now. These include uncontrolled anger, fear or reactions based on past experiences which release hormones that change us physically and make us feel stressed. Using ESR we can “unlock” from these reactive reflexes and more easily choose our response based on what we feel is most appropriate and empowering, as the reactive pattern is unfolding.

When you are at home or work and you are feeling under stress, apply the following technique to aid a change of thought and mood.

The technique itself is profoundly simple:

Lightly touch the frontal eminences of the forehead with your fingertips (you can also use the whole hand across the forehead). Wait until you feel or sense a light vibration or pulse. The light touch on this reflex point brings increased blood flow to the area and has a harmonizing effect on the energy of the forebrain where new options and ideas are processed. It is here that the brain can be creative and think of new solutions without old emotion being involved. Often a change in mood can be felt in as little as thirty seconds. This is effective both when someone does this for you or when you do it for yourself.

You may very well have instinctively done this in times of stress and may recognize this as a response to stress in others.

If possible, it is best to find a place to do ESR where you feel safe and can relax. This will support the positive results taking effect. ESR can be used to deal with stress associated with Past Trauma and Future Performance as well as stress related to present issues.