Emotional disasters – you can recover from them!

Hello, we are all human and all vulnerable to the push of life. Its after we are pushed that determines the next direction we as individuals will tend to travel.

After attending two family funerals in less than two months life has given us a little push. Perspectives and realities change.  During that time we really discussed what is important in our lives. And it always comes back to the one thing, our physical and emotional health. Without it, we are nothing.

Of course we are not the only ones to have endured these experiences. Each of us has a story and a journey. I urge you to face these challenges head on and not let them be a consuming factor that robs you of much of your life.

Emotional disasters – how do i cope?

Emotional disasters are almost a known fact of life. Somewhere along the way we all fall victim to a negative experience or emotional event.

But not everyone is resilient against the news of trauma or experiences that leave them emotional scarred or in a mindset turmoil that consumes every waking moment.

However, there is help at hand. It is possible to face these challenging times and allow yourself to be the person you were and many times, become a newer improved version.

Emotional disasters – how do I cope? | Perfect Health Body and Mind

Emotional pain is one of the hardest things to deal with. Humans don’t like feeling vulnerable, fear, hurt or sadness.  Sometimes emotional pain doesn’t shift nearly as quickly as some physical pains or ailments, like a broken bone or hitting your thumb with a hammer.  When it comes to emotional pain, we tend not to let go easily.
This is usually because of our vulnerability, or our stubborn ego and pride, our need to be right or validated.  Sometimes we are not aware of the cause of the emotional pains that we carry. Read more here

Emotional disasters – how do I cope? | Perfect Health Body and Mind

If this is something you feel that you need help with.
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