Enzymes are awesome

2013 February Blurb

BioSET – BioEnergetic Sensitivity Enzyme Therapy, a computerised electro dermal testing therapy used to assess specific areas of the body and their current function. This technique easily and accurately finds areas of dysfunction and disharmony within the body. Recharge your energy and vitality. Read here. Did you know that BioSET assists Adrenal fatigue/imbalance? Do you think you might have symptoms of adrenal fatigue? You feel tired for no reason. You are feeling rundown or overwhelmed You feel more awake, alert and energetic after 6PM than

Food sensitivities – you can overcome them

Food Sensitivities Enzyme therapy at work A leading case of premature again is food sensitivities brought about primarily by a decline in digestive function, which impedes the thorough breakdown of foods and absorption of nutrients. Eating is essential to our survival, but if we can’t digest what we eat, we don’t get the nutrients we need. This weakens our defences against pathogens and pollutants that would wreak havoc on our bodies and accelerate aging To aggravate matter, poor digestion allows food

BioSET – Lymph Immune – Nose and Throat

BioSET Lymph Immune 100% vegetarian, hypoallergenic supplement along with a botanical extract blend to support the immune system & the elimination of toxins through the lymphatic system Used to support the immune system and the elimination of toxins through the lymphatic system, good for weakened immune systems and helps prevent colds and flu. Supports lymph drainage which can be indicative to fatigue, toxic accumulation, inflammation and poor immune system. Take during the cold and flu season, also suggested to take with Nose and Throat. Contains

Recharge your energy and vitality

Enzyme therapy at work Mary a 45 year old flight attendant had experienced severe fatigue for years. As she coped with the stress of a bitter divorce, her symptoms grew worse. Even though international flights had become unbearable for her, she was the sole provider for herself and her two children, and she couldn’t take time off work. She found herself subsisting on six cups of coffee a day, along with fistfuls of supplements. Eventually they didn’t seem to help. Then