Hints to Stay Healthy

Dr. Ellen Cutler is the foremost expert in enzyme therapy.

Boost your immune system and enjoy your favorite food – Dr. Cutler recommends that eating plenty of enzyme-rich foods ahead of time will give your immune system the boost it needs to endure the rich and sugary treats we all love to indulge in over the holiday season.Raw foods give your body added protection against colds and other illnesses,so you can enjoy your favorite foods without doing a number on your body.

An enzyme a day keeps the doctor at bay: Why have we always heard eat apples from doctors? Fresh fruits and vegetables once provided us the natural enzymes we needed to properly digest food. With ever-increasing consumption of fast and processed food it’s imperative to supplement our diets with enzymes. Cutler explains why.

Popping pills? Taking non-stop antacids? What your body can and cannot use. Is your body using the vitamins you purchase? Why antacids aren’t the best remedy for you. And why one supplement can help you absorb more the of the vitamins you purchase and enable you to take less antacids.

Calling in sick too much? Enzymes are the best immune booster. Five tips to beat the illness blues.

How to eliminate food cravings: The surprising connection between allergies and cravings.

Think you are what you eat? Think again. You are what your body digests, not just what you eat. Dr. Ellen Cutler, D.C. has a personal story and a clientele base that gives fresh insight to this age old statement.

Are supplements draining your bank account and making you sick? Cutler provides tips on how to choose the right vitamins.

Why obese people are starving: The hidden truth behind stress and improper digestion of food and how the body continues to starve despite overeating.

Beat the bloat! Women complain about bloated bellies as they age. Learn how eating enzymes during your meal can keep your belly from bloating.

Low energy? One supplement can make a difference in one week: When the body doesn’t properly break down its food, energy levels can be affected dramatically. Cutler explains what enzyme supplements are and how we can make the most of them.

Beauty: From the inside out; how to get our cells in shape, too. Beauty in a bottle? Maybe. But it’s not a new lotion. Cutler explains why enzymes and proper digestion of food impacts our appearance.

Holiday Dining: Slow Down! “Eating slowly helps you eat less. This is my motto, and the reason we take enzymes. Eating slowly, chewing well and taking enzymes cuts your appetite. What a great New Year’s resolution! Follow these steps and you will definitely helps lose weight, and keep it off.”