BioSET Creator, Dr Ellen Cutler

The Creation of BioSET

In an effort to find relief for her own food sensitivities, Dr. Ellen Cutler, D.C., began researching and taking enzyme supplements more than 25 years ago. She found enzyme therapy to be so effective that she began recommending it to her patients.

As her practice grew, Dr. Cutler explored other therapeutic procedures and products to help ease the food sensitivities she and her patients shared. Based on her broad experience with sensitivity therapies in her practice, and with her desire to clear patients of their food sensitivities, Dr. Cutler created the BioSET System (Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy)

Driven by her mission to facilitate health in others, extensive clinical results have led to the development of BioSET digestive and systemic enzyme formulas, some of the most potent vegetarian enzyme formulations available world wide. Thousands of patients around the world have had successful outcomes using BioSET enzyme formulas. They have found significant improvement in the quality of their lives.

During the past 25 years in clinical practice – and subsequent to successfully healing her own life threatening condition with enzymes – Dr. Ellen found that food sensitivities and improper digestion contribute to a surprisingly extensive number of ailments. These include overweight and obesity, skin problems (acne),immune disorders,and digestive diseases such as colitis.

Her prescription is quite easy to follow:

“Start each meal with an enzyme so your body digests the food’s nutrition completely. Take a probiotic at the end of a meal. Include protease enzyme between meals for optimal immune function. Be sure to eat one delicious raw meal a day – leave out the grains and add in fresh organic foods! Exercise three to four times a week – this simple program will guarantee long life, high energy levels, beautiful skin, and you at your perfect weight.” – Dr. Ellen Cutler, D.C.

In the United States alone, 90 million people suffer from illnesses related to food and environmental allergies, representing a personal and public health issue of great significance. Dr. Ellen Cutler, D.C., is a well-spoken, media savvy professional who is passionate about her work. She is the creator of the BioSET method of healing and author of many popular health books, including Micro Miracles, Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes and The Food Allergy Cure.

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