BioSET – Lymph Immune – Nose and Throat

BioSET Lymph Immune

100% vegetarian, hypoallergenic supplement along with a botanical extract blend to support the immune system & the elimination of toxins through the lymphatic system

Used to support the immune system and the elimination of toxins through the lymphatic system, good for weakened immune systems and helps prevent colds and flu.

Supports lymph drainage which can be indicative to fatigue, toxic accumulation, inflammation and poor immune system.

Take during the cold and flu season, also suggested to take with Nose and Throat.

Contains Burdock root, astragulus root, maitake mushroom & reishi mushroom.


BioSET Nose and Throat

Is a 100% vegetarian, hypoallergenic supplement with synergistic herbs and nutrients to support nasal, sinus and throat tissue.

Helps to control chronic allergies/hay fever, sinusitis, viral and bacterial infections &

bronchitis. Used in conjunction with Lymph Immune, it is a natural antibiotic.

Contains Elderflower extract, garlic bulb concentrate, wild indigo root extract, Quercetin & grape seed extract.

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