August 2015 Gelatin – the inner healer

Hi everyone

It has been 12 months since our last newsletter, and it has been a very busy 12 months. After being thrown the curve ball and taking time to consider new developments (August 2014) we have returned the clinic back to its original home at Buderim and continued to serve clients in this much loved location.  Along with the renewing of the clinic we have established sales of Gelatin to customers and built a website for online availability.  This process took more time than anticipated but the website development was worth the wait.

The clinic – Perfect  Health Body & Mind is back into full swing with clients coming and going and seeing results that are a positive step towards individual goals. With the development of our new website we are supplying high quality and cost effective natural health supplement to many in need.

So, in keeping with the new product this newsletter is a promotion of Gelatin – the inner healer

Gelatin  – has been used for many different reasons over the years.  As gelatin is a pure collagen, it has been known to increase mobility of the joints, strengthens connective tissue, aids digestion, and assists with the body’s natural detoxification process. Read more here

Dont forget – Sharyn is a qualified Homeopath, Kinesiologist and Nutritionist. Along with being an advanced BioSET Practitioner sharyn is able to assist  you, your family and friends in many areas.

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Gelatin – the inner healer
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