Two Very Important Points

Ultimate Health & Wellness is our business.

Homeopathy & Kinesiology

Natural and Holistic


Its not what you eat but what you digest

BioSET Enzyme Therapy

Insight and treatment for food sensitivities

Two important things to remember

  • It is not normal to have fatigue, headaches, migraines, PMS, cramps, hot flashes, back pain, joint pain, autoimmune diseases, frequent colds, food and/or environmental allergies, digestive disorders, asthma, or chronic sinusitis.
  • The human body was designed to be healthy, but because of our toxic environment, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and unhealthy lifestyle, it has all too often been unable to do this.

I can help and work with individuals of all ages who are struggling with health issues, including, but not limited to, those mentioned above. My goal is to help eliminate or reduce these symptoms and restore optimal health and to help people reach a higher level of wellness in this challenging world.

My Mission is to have clients realise that

A healthy body comes from within – and all can be well in your world.

My goal is to see people living happy, healthy, fulfilled lives and have their health restored, also for clients to realise and reach their potential in whatever area they choose.