Thermography – Thermodiagnostics

What is Whole Body Thermometry / Thermography?

Whole Body Thermography is a gentle, painless, non-invasive testing method that is an adjunct diagnostic device for breast health, prostate health, thyroid abnormalities, musculoskeletal disorders and many more chronic conditions. Whole Body Thermography can identify underlying causes of many chronic illnesses long before symptoms appear.alfavue_seethru_man

Whole Body Thermography is a full body screening that evaluates how the body and especially its organs and glands are regulating. This is done by measuring the reaction of the autonomic nervous system via temperature changes, before and after a cooling stress is applied to the body. We are able to assess dental issues, endocrine function, brain function, digestive issues, reproductive health, sinus issues, and much more.
Unlike regular Thermography, is not based on a thermal image or an anatomical view of the body. Rather, this system has been specially designed to address temperature regulation and evaluate heat signatures.

How Thermodiagnostics works?

An infrared sensor is used to take temperatures on approximately 90-120 points on your body in a temperature-controlled environment while you are dressed. Once this is done, you disrobe down to your underwear and stand in a cool room (21-22 degrees) for 10 minutes. We then retest the same 90-120 points.  Certain patterns in your body’s response to that cooling can indicate several underlying health issues and this will be displayed in a detailed 7-page report. Part of the service is having the report explained and options provided.

Who can take the test?

Whole Body Thermography is for women, men and children (over the age of 6 years).

Why it is different from other tests

Many diagnostic tests require the patient to be exposed to radiation or trauma, as in the case of mammography. Because we are not “imaging” an anatomical view of the body, we are able to use infrared sensors to take a temperature reading, which cause no harm to the body, in order to paint a physiological picture of the body and how it is functioning. This whole-body screening is non-invasive, safe, and convenient when compared with other types of screenings.

A sample report is provided – see attachment in email
Comparison to other types of screening – see attachment in email
Test preparation information – see attachment in email

Thermography has been used for more than 20 years in Europe, and has recently been automated and updated in order to improve accuracy and interpretation. Dr. Daniel Beilin brought this technology to the USA and developed the system used at Perfect Health Body and Mind.

Learn More

Evaluate Whole-Body Physiology … in Minutes

  • A functional test based in thermoregulationalfavue_machine_framed
  • Assesses regulation capacity of all organs, glands and lymph
  • Over 40 signature patterns of diseases processes are rated and prioritized
  • Integrative analyses of:
    • Breast Health (12 criteria)
    • Prostate Health (9 criteria)
    • Dental Health
  • Ideal adjunct diagnostic tool for these healthcare disciplines:
    • Functional & Progressive MDs
    • Naturopaths
    • Holistic Chiropractic
    • Acupuncture / TCM
    • Biological Dentistry



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