Sensitivities linked to headaches and migraines -Live Free From Headaches and Allergies

March 19th, 2010

Written by Dr Ellen Cutler

Last week a Julie, age 46  came to see me complaining of severe frontal headaches.  She had experienced occasional tension headaches from time to time but would come and go very quickly.  About one year ago, she suffered a severe flu virus, which put her out of work for a month.  Around the same time her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she began to develop premenopausal symptoms.  A complete BioSET evaluation  was performed which included an enzyme and detoxification  evaluation and food and environmental sensitivity testing.  I found she was sugar and carbohydrate intolerant and sensitive to hormones, flu viruses, certain environmental and chemical substances, sugar, dairy products, nuts, grains, fruits and caffeine.  A BioSET sugar/starch enzyme was recommended and then proceeded to desensitize her for the various items.  Many uncommon sensitivities may be linked to headaches and migraines.  Read the article on Live Free From Headaches and Allergies.