A new form of healing


– A New Healing Science Comes of Age

Initial research began in the U.S. in the 1930’s and was expanded in the 1960’s by chiropractors embracing techniques derived from Chinese medicine using acupressure and meridian systems.  Kinesiology combines this knowledge with modern muscle monitoring techniques to balance the person, although through its dual East-West roots, Kinesiology actually extends back thousand of years.

Kinesiology is able to facilitate the natural healing process.

While manual muscle monitoring appears simple, it is a precise feedback mechanism. The accuracy is based on the neurological and physiological arrangement of the human system that is, in any given moment, processing many pieces of information about its position and state. Although only a fraction of this information comes to conscious awareness, the subconscious mind is always aware of everything going on within and around the person.

This same subconscious mind also stores all our life memories in exquisite detail together with all the emotional feelings, even though we may not consciously be able to recall them.

The body never forgets.


To the uninitiated, Kinesiology can be a somewhat perplexing experience. Often comments from new clients:

 “I don’t know what the practitioner did, but it seemed to work because I definitely feel better”.

A Kinesiology treatment is known as ‘a Balance’ during which the client remains fully clothed. After comprehensive history taking the practitioner uses muscle monitoring to address energy imbalances.

Each Kinesiology balance is unique because it is determined by the responses gained from muscle monitoring.

An unlocking muscle test indicates a disturbed energy flow – be it structural, chemical, nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual. This stress may manifest in the person as some form of disease, an accident, poor nutritional or postural habits, an unresolved argument, personal trauma or crisis, even as a misunderstanding. Stresses can also carry over from any time in the client’s life.

For the client, most issues have been long forgotten because they tend to subside into the subconscious and are only brought back into the conscious mind through the stimulus of a trigger event that in some way matches that past experience.

When the brain is triggered by a similar stress, the body reacts to this stress from the previous event

This is how individuals become locked into inappropriate behavioural patterns and often find themselves behaving like irrational children, despite the fact that as adults they really want to change their reaction to life’s challenges.

During a Kinesiology balance, people are surprised to find themselves recalling long forgotten incidents. The person however, never forgets because our survival-oriented structure means we hold all memories, particularly memories of negative experiences, somewhere in our system. The subconscious mind projects these experiences into the body, mind and soul, an outcome that gives rise to ‘feelings’.

Consider how mental tension is felt as a tight jaw, tensed shoulders and a churning stomach. This is a purely mental event projected by the mind into the body as a physical sensation, such as pain or discomfort.

Kinesiology encompasses a vast array of balancing modalities with most of these emphasizing the power of emotions, particularly unresolved negative emotions.

Muscle monitoring can pinpoint these emotional triggers, and by bringing them back ‘on-line’, the person is given the chance to re-evaluate the events and the circumstances surrounding it.

In the context of their current life experience, they are then in a position to change their responses and to choose new and more relevant responses.
Choice is the real key to resolving many stresses. Where there is choice, there is balance and where there is balance, there is also optimal health.
Each Kinesiology balance is different because it honours the person’s own healing potential and the sequence it follows to bring about the remarkable process that is healing.

Often it can seem too simple to have such an effective resolution. But as the Chinese sages taught so long ago:

“A miracle is simply that which is divinely natural”.


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