Homeopathy Explained

Homeopathy is a safe, effective
and gentle form of medicine
for the entire family.

Homeopathy is a highly systematic, scientific method of therapy which stimulates the individuals own healing processes. It is based on a deep understanding of the person as a unique whole, and is useful in both chronic and acute diseases. Treatment is based on the health of the entire personHomeopathy homeopathic medicine remedy , not just for one part or organ system.

It is important to understand that symptoms are a sign of the individual trying to heal itself. The task of the homeopath is to gather as much information as possible in order to understand all the ways in which the person’s healing forces are already acting. A homeopathic medicine that matches a patient’s symptomatology will stimulate those healing forces and lead to a resolution of symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from over 2000 mineral, plant, and animal sources. Each medicine has been experimentally tested on human beings, called provings, in order to determine which type of individual responds most strongly to which substance. A complete picture of symptoms is compiled based on the precise physical, emotional, and mental responses of each individual.  The task of the homeopath during the interview is to match the total symptom picture and personality of the patient with the symptom picture of one of the medicines.

What to Expect?

An acute homeopathic consult requires far less time. Acute cases require follow-up within 3 – 5 days. In acute diseases, relief can occur within a few hours to a day or two. In chronic diseases, however, improvement is typically slow, steady and gradual. The speed of improvement is mostly dependent on the severity and duration of the disease coupled with the individual’s vitality. It is important to understand that chronic disease did not occur overnight, so the complete resolution of symptoms usually takes some time.

An initial homeopathic consultation will vary in time depending on the individual. As much information as possible regarding the mental, emotional and physical health of the individual is collected. Since there are over 2000 homeopathic remedies available, it is important to thoroughly understand the individual and each symptom that is occurring in order to accurately prescribe the most effective medicine possible. A homeopathic medicine is often prescribed at the end of the initial visit. In difficult cases, there may be a need to more thoroughly study the case in order to prescribe the most indicated medicine. A return office visit is then scheduled for 4 weeks after the remedy is prescribed to assess the effectiveness of the medicine on the individual.

Our clinic offers and provides phone and email support during this time to ensure all is going well and any new questions you may have are answered.

Homeopathy is a gentle therapy that can produce powerful results in physical, emotional, and mental health

For which Conditions has Homeopathy been particularly effective?

• Sadness / Depression / Grief
• Anxiety / Phobia / Chronic Stress
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
• Bipolar Disorder
• Feeling “Stuck” in your life
• Autoimmune Conditions
• Sleep Disorders
• Migraines / Headaches
• Hormonal Imbalances

Homeopathy is indicated in the treatment of many conditions:

  • In the initial treatment of acute infections, of the upper and lower respiratory tract, and skin.
  • For chronic conditions such as skin disease, arthritis, post viral fatigue.
  • For recurrent conditions-upper respiratory tract infections, glue ear, rhinitis, bronchitis, cystitis, vaginitis.
  • In the treatment of hormone related diseases-PMT, endometriosis, and menopausal problems.
  • For psychosomatic problems, stress related illnesses, including headaches, migraine, backache and muscular tension.
  • For depression and anxiety.

Choosing a remedy?

After an in-depth consultation, usually lasting about two hours, that covers everything from childhood illnesses and past relationships to favorite foods and pet peeves, a single small dose of a substance called a remedy is selected.

A remedy is tailored to a very detailed symptom picture of a person– we want to know everything about you, what makes you anxious, angry, tired or sad.  How you experience it your body? We want to know in detail the location and sensation of every pain. When did your problem begin? After a grief, a shock, an accident, is it an inherited problem? Treatment is individualized. Ten people with Lupus will most likely each receive a different homeopathic remedy. Most symptoms will not be identical.

A remedy is selected, which if given in large doses would cause certain symptoms in a healthy person, can prod the body to overcome similar symptoms when given in small homeopathically prepared doses to an ill person. The similarity has to be as close as possible in every way (physical, emotional and mental). In fact the word Homeopathy is Greek for “similar suffering”.

Our homeopathic software provides a huge data base providing vast libraries with information on over 2000 remedies. Every detail about you is important to us so that we can select the precise remedy which will bring your body into balance. We love to hear about very unusual symptoms which we call ‘strange, rare and peculiar’. For example a “tickling sensation inside the left knee felt only when drinking water.” It narrows down the possibilities to just one or two remedies

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