The Healing Benefits of Gelatin

Gelatin is considered to be one of the NEW super foods, a miracle, magic health supplement.

BUT IS IT? Yes it is! Read more on Cells, Energy production, Health and Wellbeing

However it is NOT new – just forgotten.  Gelatin has been used successfully throughout history in the medical world for a variety of reasons as it was readily available and affordable.

Gelatin use has been lost over the years due to increased processing and packaging of food. Food production is now chemical, technical, advanced, quick, fast, NOW! Because of this, food is now chemically created to be better and last longer than the foods of the past, but it does not contain all the goodness of the past.

“Along with Gelatin, many nutritious factors have been lost to processing and packaging foods”

Today you can buy soup packets, soup in a can, cup of soup (just add water) and other varieties of soup. When Grandma used to make soup, she cooked a chicken, bones and all, after eating the meat for dinner.  She then boiled the carcass with some vegies to make “real” chicken soup. The bone carcass is where the Gelatin goodness came from. Now days processing plants strip the chicken, sell the meat and discard the carcass for pet foods. Essentially pets now eat better than us, getting all the goodness from the bones.

Our society predominately eats muscle meats which contains very low amounts of Gelatin (if any at all). The problem with this is that muscle meats are extremely high in the amino acids ‘cysteine’ and ‘tryptophan’ which have anti-metabolic and thyroid suppressing effects leading to degenerative and inflammatory disease states.

Gelatin is a pure source of protein that contains no sugar, fat or cholesterol.  Gelatin contains half of the 18 essential amino acids that we need for survival.  Gelatin is bioavailable to the body – which means it is easily digestible and readily available. By adding (the missing) Gelatin into your diet it helps to balance the amino acid ratio which lowers cortisol and reduces inflammation.

“This is why it is so good for you”

Gelatin is fantastic for strengthening skin, hair, nails and increasing collagen production.

Important for

  • skin elasticity
  • connective tissue production
  • bone and joint health
  • promotion and stimulation of cell growth in joint cartilage
  • restores mobility of the joints by decreasing inflammation which can reduce the pain of arthritis.

Gelatin is fantastic for the gastro intestinal system. Gelatin assists digestion by naturally binding to water to help food move through the digestive tract more easily.  Gelatin decreases the susceptibility to food allergies by repairing leaky gut, thus making the body less reactive.

Gelatin is extracted from bone and is pure collagen. Collagen is essential for supporting the integrity of the skin. It tightens the skin and is anti-aging. It is fantastic for maintaining skin elasticity, ligaments and connective tissue support.

Gelatin is an excellent source of protein for physically active people who exercise regularly at the gym or with personal trainers.  It increases muscle mass and muscle performance.  You can substitute gelatin for whey protein powders as it has no fillers, sugars and chemicals.

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Digestive Health

Food Grade

Joint Care

Muscle and Joint Fortification

Muscle Repair



* Fortifies skin, hair, nails

* Tightens loose skin

* Improves cellulite

* Improves digestion

* Stimulates cell growth in joint cartilage

* Strengthen bones –

* Reduces joint pain


Great source of dietary collagen

Source of pure protein

Contains the amino acids

– glycine and proline


*Keeps people physically active and mobile.

*Stimulates cell growth in joint cartilage.

*Restores the mobility of the joints.

*Induces formation of new cartilage tissue.


Bio Active Collagen Peptide

– neutral taste and odor

– no fat or cholesterol

– no additives or colouring agents

– excellent solubilit



*Keeps people physically active and mobile

*Easily mixes with food & drink for a high protein load

*Supports general health and wellbeing

*Increases muscle mass and muscle performance


Bio Active Collagen Peptide

– neutral taste and odor

– no fat or cholesterol

– no additives or colouring agents

– excellent solubility



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