Appointment outline

Different people require different attention

BioSET consists of five progressive levels. Dependant on the state of your health and well being, this will determine the number of levels that you may need to progress through. All patients will start with an initial consultation. This will provide the health platform and a guide to start from. To answer the question “how many treatments are required” is a difficult task and cannot be established until a full evaluation has been performed.

BioSET Package and Appointment overview.

BioSET’s success lies in the fact that it’s amazing technology allows the BioSET practitioner to determine the root cause of the condition, not merely manage the symptoms. It utilizes sound nutrition, detoxification of the body and enzyme therapy to achieve optimal digestive health and nutrient utilization.

Our commitment to you

It is our job to assist you to regain your health and the optimal function of your body. Free back up support is included in our package to ensure this happens quickly and that the process is as easy as possible.

What you get:

Initial evaluation ( see below for specific details)

  • Free Homeopathic remedy to assist with organ detoxification
  • Free back up support via phone or email
  • Website newsletter subscription

Your Commitment:

  • Follow the BioSET protocol
  • Book in and attend your desensitisation appointment/s
  • $50 booking fee
  • Abide by cancellation policy

Appointment One

Time required – 90 min (1 ½ hours)

Overview of investigations /evaluations

  • Systemic (whole body)           –         what’s not working prior to food ?
  • Digestive (internal body)       –          what’s not working after food?
  • Toxicity (elimination)             –           what assistance is required?

Investigation / evaluations

Fasting systemic evaluation – Please see the fasting requirement sheet for details

  • Comprehensive analysis of fasting enzyme evaluation
  • Determine what systems of the body are under stress prior to food.
  • What enzyme or herbal support is needed?

Non fasting digestive stress evaluation

  • How well does the digestive system break down and utilise, fats, fibre, protein, carbohydrates
  • What enzyme or support is needed to aid digestion?

Detoxification evaluation

  • Meridian detoxification is assessed in order to differentiate between toxicity reaction and allergic reaction.
  • What level of assistance does your body need to help you eliminate toxins (inflammation / stagnation?)
  • What homeopathic support is needed?

Food evaluation

  • Evaluating foods that cause excessive stress on your body and ability to function
  • What enzyme support is needed to assist tolerance of food?

You will be provided with a good and bad food list

Discuss results and overview

Discuss further treatments and enzyme support

  • This is where it all comes together and a health care program is presented and recommended to the client.

Question time

Ask questions so you understand the process.

We have discovered, the more information you have, and the more understanding, you have, the more likely you are to establish better results quicker. We are here to support you through this process.

A follow up appointment will be set to start the desensitisation technique.

The desensitisation technique is a very important part of the BioSET process. Client commitment and compliance is required to ensure maximum beneficial result from your investment in this health care program. If you follow the process as presented and recommended, we guarantee results.

Appointment Two

Time required – 60 min (1 hour)

Follow up – No fasting required

  • Revisit meridian detoxification to establish progress and make sure your recommended remedy is working.
  • Re-check your previous treatment
  • Perform the desensitisation technique
  • Re-check your food evaluation
  • Questions and answers

Breakup of Desensitisation technique

  • The BioSET desensitisation technique releases the energy blockages caused by sensitivities, by stimulating specific acupressure points along the spine.
  • Changing body behaviour and memory therefore reducing effects of sensitivity
  • Desensitisation to known stressors in the body (found in appointment one)
  • Address underlying stressors of allergy complaints
  • Address underlying stressors of health issues
  • Promotion of healthy function of immune system by supporting the body through detoxification, enzyme therapy, nutrition and reprogramming procedure

Discuss results and overview

Question time

Ask questions so you understand the process.

Set next appoint (if needed)

Client commitment and compliance is required to ensure maximum beneficial result from your investment of time in this health care program. If you follow the process as presented and recommended, we guarantee results.

The five progressive levels of BioSET

Level 1: (Body Balance): Checking Blood, Organs, Glands, Systems and Immune Boosters for energetic imbalances.  This level will be checked with each visit.  This clearing or body balance can be done in addition to a regular clearing.

Level 2: Consists of Amino Acids, Protein Metabolism, Phenolics, Minerals, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Sugar Metabolism, Sugars, Fat Metabolism, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Bacteria, Virus, Parasites, Mould & Fungus, Hormones, Heavy Metals, Acid, Base, Radiation.  Each of these areas are checked for energetic imbalances and cleared using the acupressure desensitization technique.  This level includes items which are the foundation of nutrition and are very important to optimal functioning of a healthy body.

Level 3: Residual food sensitivities (after completing level2) are evaluated and cleared in areas of Beverages, Meats, Grains, Fruits, Vegetables,Oils, Nuts, Condiments and Food Additives.

Level 4: Advanced protocols specific to clients individual health conditions (i.e. Asthma, Candida, Eczema, etc.)

Level 5: An advanced protocol using filters to try and uncover hidden or layered imbalances.  Often filters are used in level 4 as well, so these two levels may be combined.

Many clients are free of the majority of their symptoms after being cleared through Level 3.  Not every person needs to go through all the levels.  For those who have chronic conditions going through the advanced protocols can be very beneficial.

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