Asthma and Allergies

March 9th, 2010

Written by Dr Ellen Cutler

Since I had written about the phenomenal results with complementary medicine for allergies, I have come across many articles on this topic. One such article appeared in Medscape titled “A Role for Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Patient Care”. It states that one of the most common areas for CAM is allergies. And often the therapy prescribed are supplements with herbal ingredients. But one caveat is that these herbal ingredients may give an allergic response. There is much more information in this particular article, but before I review it any further I do want people to know that there is a system, BioSET which offers a natural, non-invasive mostly permanent allergy desensitization. It is slowly gaining more popularity. BioSET has about many calls a day for referrals for pracititoners. BioSET is practiced by health care providers all over the world and is safe, and successful with sensitivities as well as other health disorders. Check out the website. Please, don’t get caught up in the misery of conventional allergy treatment, try something new and innovative.