How to handle seasonal allergies

April 9th, 2010

Written by Dr Ellen Cutler

If you are experiencing stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing – usually indicative of a cold or flu symptoms, quite possibly you are reacting to pollen season which is now in full swing. We are bombarded with grasses and flowers blooming and of course there is mold and fungus all around us. There are ways to investigate and ascertain what is bothering us(pollens, molds, or virus). I have not yet written in these blogs about using muscle testing for testing what ails us. I haven’t written much about muscle testing because it is so controversial. But it really does work and can be useful for testing pollen, foods and even deciding on what cosmetic to buy, seeing what you are sensitive to with doing a muscle test, (there are muscle testing protocols w using an assistant or self testing). It is really fun and pretty accurate.

As far as what to do for the stuffy nose, and allergy symptoms, check out treatments of allergies , and some good recommendations is xlear w/colloidal silver added to the xlear. Works really well. and take a digestive enzyme before meals, vitamin C enzyme formula and cut out the sugars and carbs.